Contact us

Contact us to get access to the Cologne data server

  • Director
    Martin Pätzold: E-Mail
  • Deputy Director
    Silvia Tellmann: E-Mail

Give us the following information:

  1. Which data archive you want to access (MaRs or VeRa or both)
  2. Tell us about your project. We want to make sure that your project does not interfer with our plans/projects or PhD theses.
  3. You must agree to the following:
    • Do you want to publish a paper with MaRs/VeRa data? If yes, we kindly request co-authorship of relevant MaRs/VeRa team members. Please send us also a paper draft for review before submission.
    • Acknowledge the funding agencies which supported MaRs and VeRa.
    • Do not distribute the MaRs/VeRa data to third parties. The data are for your personal use and work.